Appointment Setting

Central to any new business acquisition program is having proactive conversations with good quality prospects. Ascendia Works allows you to scale your client acquisition program by developing a sales engine that consistently delivers appointments or leads to your front-line sales force.

You can attract and retain good quality Business Development Managers if you set-up them up to be successful. Using Lead Generation Outsourcing not only allows you to achieve your top line revenue growth ambitions but also improves your sales team’s engagement, increases retention, and ultimately improves performance.


Seminar Attendees

Marketing invests a considerable amount of effort and money having your organisation attend conferences or deliver roadshows. Make sure you have a reliable partner that will follow-up interested parties from conferences in a timely manner and maximise the opportunities at hand.

Also, should you be running an event, use a trusted partner to make sure there are sufficient attendees to capitalise on your investment.


Data Profiling

Before prospecting, make sure your sales team are empowered with good quality prospect data. Even if you use a trusted source of data, it will not be 100% current. Also, augment your data with additional data points, providing meaningful insight back to your business.