Filipino Culture

Part 6. The Filipino Way: Hospitable

Part 6. The Filipino Way: Hospitable

As part of our multiple-part series on Filipino culture, I want to share the next Filipino trait: being hospitable. Filipino hospitality is a warm blend of genuine kindness, respect, and a communal spirit that extends its embrace beyond the boundaries of home and workplace, making everyone feel welcomed and cherished.

At Home: A Sanctuary of Warmth

In every Filipino home, a guest is not just a visitor but a cherished family member. They are welcomed with open arms and bright smiles when they enter the door. Filipinos will prepare the best they can offer, whether a feast of local delicacies or a simple but heartfelt meal. The phrase “Make yourself at home” is not just a saying; it’s a sincere invitation to be part of the family, even if just for a while. Another phrase that you will typically hear Filipinos say is, “Parang Kapamilya ka na namin,” which means that you are already treated and valued like a family member.

In the Workplace: Professionalism with a Personal Touch

Filipino hospitality extends to the workplace, where their professionalism is coupled with a personal touch. Filipinos are known for their hard work and dedication, but what sets them apart is their ability to create a friendly and supportive environment. Colleagues are not just co-workers but are considered as extended family. Celebrations and milestones are not just individual achievements but shared moments of joy, and successes are celebrated collectively, inspiring everyone to strive for more.

In times of need, Filipino workers show ‘malasakit’—a deep-seated concern for others that goes beyond the boundaries of their job descriptions. This concern is reflected in their willingness to go the extra mile to help a colleague in need or contribute to the overall positive work atmosphere. This blend of professional commitment and personal care creates a productive yet harmonious workplace where everyone feels valued and supported.

As you can see, Hospitality is not just a social norm for Filipinos; it is their way of life!

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