Offshore Outsourcing Consulting


If your business is ready to scale but needs to do so without blowing out costs, we can help you build the strategy or business case for establishing an offshore outsourcing team. Many businesses that explore setting up offshore teams do not understand the depth or breadth of talent available in the Philippines and thus don’t know what business processes or roles in their business are a perfect fit for outsourcing to the Philippines. We can help our clients make a more informed decision, maximise the commercial opportunities at hand and give your offshore team every chance of success.

Offshore Ready

Once you have designed your offshore outsourcing strategy you need to prepare your business to become offshore-ready. This includes documenting the job descriptions that the offshore team will undertake in terms that the Philippines job market will understand. This can also include documenting the business processes that are going to be performed by your offshore team. You also need to design the offshore role including the KPIs and reporting requirements to provide the necessary visibility into your offshore team’s productivity and performance.

Vendor Selection

When most businesses are planning to build an offshore team, they focus most of their initial efforts on vendor selection. Given the unique business environment in the Philippines, there are many things you need to consider that you may not have experienced when doing business in Australia. Our vendor selection framework will ensure you choose the right partner for your unique business requirements and help maximise your chances of success.


To help you transition to the new way of working we can design and help put in place the internal change management and communication process requirements. Your offshore team is only going to be successful if your whole existing team is onboard and supports the initiative. Like any business change, team members can often feel threatened or unhappy about the proposed new way of working, and you need to take your team members on a journey to address their concerns and obtain their support and buy-in.


If you have an offshore team and it’s not meeting your expectations, we can improve the performance of your offshore capability (often without but not always changing providers and/or team members).