About Us

Ascendia Works is a boutique offshore outsourcing provider passionate about delivering a premium service for our clients and their Filipino teams. 

David Barlow, Co-Founder & CEO

David's experience of sending work to the Philippines started in 2009 when working for a multinational organisation implementing a global centralisation strategy, transitioning select English-speaking roles to the Philippines. His then GM of Asia asked David to move a few roles from Australia to the Philippines. He was initially reluctant to do this but was asked to get on board, and he set up the small team accordingly. However, he was so impressed by the calibre of talent available in the Philippines and coupled with the lack of education about this, it presented a great opportunity.

Fast forward fifteen years, David's experience predominantly relates to helping small to medium-sized business owners build high-performing Filipino teams. It's not the traditional outsourcing model but a new(ish) engagement model. We call it Talent as a Service or TaaS for short. We call it this, so clients understand that we provide more than staff but also support services (as a Service) to help their Filipino team shine and do their best work. David resides in Sydney, Australia.

Erwin Sy, Co-Founder & COO

Erwin brings over twenty years of leadership experience in people management and information technology to Ascendia Works. He is instrumental in fostering our high-performance organisational culture based on values of respect, trust, and empowerment. Erwin also designs and manages our IT infrastructure and security posture. He is passionate about ensuring Ascendia Works delivers on its promise of a premium service for our clients and their Filipino teams. Erwin Sy resides in Greater Metro Manila, Philippines.