Talent as a Service (TaaS)

We provide an end-to-end solution to help establish, support and maximise the performance and success of your offshore team.

Ascend Method ™

We have a proprietary methodology for building and supporting your offshore team called the Ascend Method ™. The Ascend Method is a tried and tested way to maximise your offshore team’s success. It includes:

    • Mapping the function and process fit for your outsourced team.
    • Building a plan to find and attract high quality talent.
    • Deciding your offshore team’s remuneration.
    • Establishing KPIs, reporting and an operating rhythm for your offshore team.
    • Maximising your offshore team’s engagement and productivity.
    • Addressing the challenges of transitioning to the new way of working with a remote team.

The 5 Step Process to Get Started

We have a simple 5-step process to establish your offshore team and begin operations:

    1. Get the brief right. Identify the role and processes best suited for offshoring and design a best-effort job description (don’t worry, we will make sure this works and is attractive for Filipino talent).
    2. Advertise the role and shortlist candidates. This may include proactive candidate outreach subject to the hiring requirements. Also, as part of the short-listing process we can complete an assessment (if required).
    3. Select your preferred candidate(s). Interview your shortlisted candidates and choose your preferred candidate(s).
    4. Launch. Your new remote employee starts their onboarding and then starts their first work assignment.
    5. Ongoing Support. Weekly check-ins to ensure your team’s success.