Filipino Culture

Part 1. The Filipino Way: Resiliency

Part 1. The Filipino Way: Resiliency

Over the coming months at Ascendia Works, we plan to share fascinating insights into Filipino culture.

I work on the ground in the Philippines, as our conduit between Australian and Filipino cultures. I am super proud of leading and building a company that creates opportunities for my fellow Filipinos and can shape our business culture.

I have learned that the Australian media reports stories about calamities in the Philippines, whether storms, flooding, or the like. However, what comes from these difficult and trying moments is that we Filipinos have learned to become resilient.

We experience a yearly wet season from June to December, and Ascendia Works is a work-from-home (WFH) organization. Our team members enjoy all the benefits of working at home, including not needing to commute to the office during the wet season.

Also, we ensure that our team members are not affected by heavy rains and they are online and able to work. However, in the event of a storm, we have business continuity planning in place to ensure our team members are safe and there is minimal work disruption.