Filipino Culture

Part 4. The Filipino Way: Team-Oriented

Part 4. The Filipino Way: Team-Oriented

As part of our multiple-part series on Filipino culture, the next trait I want to share is being team-oriented or Pakikisama in Tagalog (the Philippine’s native language).

Being team-oriented helps employees by supporting each other and working together on common organizational goals. A team-oriented organization fosters collaboration, which improves productivity and employee morale.

For us, Pakikisama is all about everyone wanting to achieve goals by valuing and appreciating the diverse input of team members. This helps create a very inclusive environment by getting along with everyone to maintain a harmonious relationship, supporting each other as much as possible, and overcoming challenges together. Our Pakikisama is not limited to just the workplace; this trait can be seen everywhere, from our homes to the street and the broader community throughout the Philippines.

In the workplace, this trait has helped to increase productivity and efficiency by leveraging everyone’s diverse skills, perspectives, experiences, and resourcefulness. We also learn from each other and improve our performance through feedback and collaboration. The same trait also helps promote higher morale and satisfaction within the team since Filipinos enjoy working in teams because we feel a sense of belonging and camaraderie. We also appreciate the recognition and appreciation from our teammates and leaders.

As the saying goes, “Together we stand, divided we fall”

As Ascendia Works is a 100% remote employer, for the right reasons, to help our team feel connected, they take part in the following activities:

  • We say good morning and check in with staff regularly.
  • Annual Christmas party.
  • Mid-year party.
  • Regular online events and activities.