Filipino Culture

Part 3. The Filipino Way: Positive can-do attitude

Part 3. The Filipino Way: Positive can-do attitude

Employers worldwide, including in Australia and New Zealand, value when team members get on with what is needed and get things done. Former US President Obama said, “What I’m always looking for no matter how small the problem, or how big it, somebody who says, let me take care of that”.

Filipinos are taking care of things all over the world. Nearly all Australians have experienced the care and professionalism of Filipino nurses. Moreover, Australians have learned that Filipino seamen are some of the best in the world, sailing large cargo ships across the high seas.

Those Australian or New Zealand small business owners who have built high-performing Filipino teams know you can hire skilled and experienced folks with a can-do attitude.

You would often hear a Filipino word when things need to get done in any workplace: “Diskarte”, which means “I will handle it, and I will do it,” using our ability to find creative solutions or strategies to solve problems and achieve the business outcome.

Filipinos use our resourcefulness, ingenuity, and initiative to overcome obstacles, limitations, or challenges in the work process. It also means being flexible, adaptable, and innovative in dealing with changing or uncertain situations.

We also hold ourselves accountable and work extended hours to ensure we get things done. This also allows us to develop creative and out-of-the-box thinking solutions, which can be temporary solutions to ensure things run smoothly until the matter is permanently resolved.